Software Update: Boxee 0.9.21 Beta

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Boxee is cross-platform media center software with a social twist. The program can of course play audio and video files, but also adds social interaction with other Boxee users. For example, Boxee friends can follow your activities and you can recommend certain content. For more information, we refer you to this page and in addition you can also in the [Ervaringen] Boxee – social media center topic on our forum right. The developers released beta version 0.9.21 with different build numbers a few days ago. For example, the Mac OS X version has been given build number, the Linux version bears number and the Windows version is officially called The list of changes for beta version 0.9.21 looks like this:

Boxee Beta 0.9.21

  • File Identification Progress
    Easily see how many files Boxee is scanning, has identified, and doesn’t recognize within your media shares. Check the status from any menu sidebar (TV shows, Movies, Music) or from the Media menu (Settings -> Media).
  • Manual Movie & TV Show identification
    Help Boxee identify your personal media by telling it what’s in your collection. To change incorrectly labeled media select the movie or TV show, then click the eject icon on the right of the pop-up menu. Find and identify unresolved files by going to the “Files” menu, and selecting the “unresolved” folder at the bottom of the list. Select files and follow the instructions above to label them properly. You’ll now be able to put in movie names, and TV show seasons and episodes to ensure your collection is pristine.
  • Facebook & Twitter in your Boxee feed
    In addition to pushing out your recommendations to social networks, you can now also pull in recommendations from your friends on Facebook & Twitter. Shared videos appear automatically in your feed with an icon on the right to let you know where they came from. Set up this new option in your service settings for Facebook & Twitter.
  • New & Improved RSS Management
    We’ve created a brand new way to manage, discover and play RSS feeds in Boxee. First, check out the new management & discovery console on our website. Search, arrange by category or sort through the most popular, top rated, new, and HD feeds available on Boxee. Then use the RSS feeds app to play back your favorites.

Version number 0.9.21 beta
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website boxee
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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