Software Update: BitPim 0.8.05

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BitPim can read and adjust the data of CDMA telephones from LG, Samsung and Sanyo, among others. Because these are equipped with a Qualcomm CDMA chipset, you can easily read the file system with this program. In addition, you can supported models read and adjust things like PhoneBook, Calendar, WallPapers or RingTones. on this page are a number of screenshots to see how this program looks on the different platforms. The developers have released version 0.8.05 with the following changes:

Version 0.8.05:

  • Fixed bug that prevented writing wallpaper and ringtones to the LG VX5200
  • Displayed expanded view of the SMS tree upon initialization.
  • Improved Phone Contact Editor part 2.
  • Added support for the Toshiba VM4050 (phonebook reading and auto detect only)
  • Add ‘AutoSync’ feature to automate synchronizing PC calendar with phone
  • Fixed LG-VX3200 phonebook read/write exception.
  • Added Import Outlook Notes feature.
  • Samsung A620/A740: Can now write ringtones to phone. Calendar fixes.
  • Fixed LG-VX8100/9800 phonebook speed dial bug.
  • Added Import Outlook Tasks feature.
  • Fixed Outlook Calendar all-day events spreading to the next day.
  • Add support for Sanyo VI-2300.
  • Sanyo Phones: Add reading or sms and todo.
  • Fixed bug that prevented writing memos to the LG VX5200
  • Added support for multiple data directories feature. Please see the Howtos section for more details.

Version 0.8.04:

  • Added a feature to the Phone Contact Editor that allows users to navigate to the next/previous contact item.
  • For calendar events, combined the description and location with the format ‘description[location]’.
  • LG VX8100/VX9800:
    • Added a feature to get/send My Sounds media files.
    • Preserved previous ringtone and image IDs.
  • Fixed failed-to-write-contact-entry exception.
  • Fixed failed-to-read-media-file exception.
  • In the Today tab, fixed the order of the SMS and Call History items.
  • Sprint Samsung Phones: Fixed calendar writing.
  • Sanyo Phones: Fix phonebook writing that was broken in 8.03. Avoid exceptions when writing media to phone. (Occurated with MM-8300).
  • Fix problem with pager and none numbers causing exceptions on LG VX5200, LG VX8100 and a few other LG phones.

[break]BitPim 0.8.05 is available in the following three flavors:
Linux RPM
Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Version number 08.05
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS
Website BitPim
License type GPL
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