Software Update: BitComet 0.60

BitComet has been updated to version 0.60. In addition to the usual functions, this BitTorrent client, written in C++, also has the option to create and seed your own torrent. In addition, IP addresses can be banned and you can chat with other BitComet users. It is also possible to preview a part of a video file that is currently downloading. The changelog of this release looks like this:

GUI Improved:

  • new toolkit: BitComet Video Codec Check Wizard
  • add open BCTP/HTTP link command in file menu
  • add BCTP link page in Task Property Dialog
  • add Boss key choice option
  • add Disable torrent file download dialog option
  • add Display task delete confirm dialog option
  • add piece size 2/4/8MB choice when making torrent
  • open web link in internal browse or BitComet

GUI Bug Fix:

  • fix mistake delete when multi selection after torrent list sort
  • fix the win2k autoshutdown issue

Core Improved:

  • add video file preview when downloading
  • add Torrent download from DHT network using BCTP link
  • add protocol header encrypted option
  • add Always using NAT Traversal via UDP option


Version number 0.60
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website BitComet
File size


License type Freeware