Software update: BatteryCare

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Version of BatteryCare has been released. This program provides information about the battery in a laptop and can help with its optimal use. This is how . becomes recommended to completely discharge the battery once after 30 charges. BatteryCare can indicate exactly when that time has come. The program can also automatically turn off Aero and other power-hungry items when the battery is used and turn them back on when the adapter is plugged in. BatteryCare is free, resides in the system tray and uses very few resources. New in this release is the option to sound an alarm when the temperature of the processor or hard disk exceeds a certain value.

Changes in version 0.9.30:

  • New feature: Added user defined CPU and HDD temperature alarms.

Changes in version 0.9.29:

  • Fixed the notification icon text for high resolution displays (above 125% DPI).

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website BatteryCare
File size


License type Freeware
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