Software Update: Avast Antivirus 2014 9.0.2011

Alwil Software has released an update to version 2014 of its security program Avast. The program is available in the free Free Antivirus, and the paid Pro Antivirus and Internet Security versions. In addition, there is Premier, which has additional management functions, such as the possibility to remotely take over a PC and possibly erase the hard disk. In version 2014, the various components have been improved, the web browser can be placed in safe mode for online shopping and banking, and a self-starting CD or USB stick can be made from the program to scan the computer offline. The main improvements made in this release can be found below.

In terms of the core product changes, here’s the list:

  • We have finally fully rewritten the WebShield so that it now doesn’t work as a “transparent proxy” anymore. Ie no more routing of all HTTP traffic through the AvastSvc.exe process – which should hopefully result in no more conflicts with various firewalls (especially older firewalls that can’t handle transparent proxies) and overall improvement in stability and performance. Besides that (and this is really exciting) it allows us to see and detect more threats (the original webshield had some limitations).
  • The Firewall component (in IS and Premier) has also changed dramatically. We spent quite some time making it more compatible with other applications, such as Java and various VPN services.
  • The installer/updater has been improved to allow more reliable installation in case of infected machines. The installer is now protected by the avast self-defense driver from the very beginning, making it harder for active malware to kill it (if you have problems starting the installer in the first place, it may be a good idea to try to rename the executable to a random name first)
  • The changes in the File System Shield’s driver should result in faster performance, especially in the copy files and install programs scenarios.
  • We have also beefed up the Browser Cleanup tool to be able to rip off even the more stubborn toolbars and other “PUBEs” (Pontentially Unwanted Browser Extensions :))
  • We have also fixed a whole bunch of bugs reported in the last couple of months. Especially if you encountered a problem with R1, I suggest you try this new version, chances are that the problem is resolved there.
  • For trialware users, we have also added an interactive tutorial that explains all the features of the product in a straightforward, concise manner.

In addition to the core, there’s two more things included in this version:

  • Connectivity to the new avast! Grime Fighter product. GrimeFighter is our take on PC Optimization / tuneup and is the result of the Jumpshot acquisition that we did earlier this year. This will be a standalone product (sold separately) but has some connections into Avast. It is really a cool product (and I encourage everyone to give it a try) – technically, it’s Linux based, although you wouldn’t be able to tell as it’s perfectly skinned and does a good job at hiding all the complexities. For GrimeFighter, we will have a phased rollout for particular configurations. Over the next few weeks, users should look out for GrimeFighter pop-ups notifying them how we can improve their PC performance.
  • SafePrice is a new, optional module of the Avast browser plugins. It’s designed to combine security (hence the “safe” part) with best deals (hence the “price”) into one, easy-to-use module. It’s pretty silent (almost invisible) unless you search for a specific product — in which case, it would pop up a price comparison and allow you to pick one of the deals in the trusted stores. The feature can be turned on or off through the browser plugin settings. For Safe Price, we are doing a gradual global rollout. We will increase the rollout over the coming weeks.

Known issues:

  • AOS plugin doesn´t work with “Enhanced Protected Mode” enabled in IE 11

The following downloads are available:
Avast Free Antivirus 2014 – 9.0.2011
Avast Pro Antivirus 2014 – 9.0.2011
Avast Internet Security 2014 – 9.0.2011
Avast Premier 2014 – 9.0.2011

Version number 9.0.2011
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website Alwil Software
File sizes

87.20MB – 122.00MB

License type Freeware/Paid