Software update: aTunes 1.13.0

The program aTunes is written in Java and can play and manage audio files. Support is available for mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac, mp4, ra and rm files and it is possible to listen to online radio stations. In addition, it is able to rip CDs, edit tags, create playlists and search the music collection by artists, albums and genres. An extensive overview of the possibilities can be found on this wiki being watched. The developers have released version 1.13.0 with the following list of changes:

aTunes 1.13.0 available

One week after RC, the final version of 1.13.0 codename Autan is available to download. We’ve fixed some bugs present in RC and updated translations thanks submitted by volunteers. We want to thank specially to Martín Pena who contributed by adding galician language to this new version.

  • Hotkeys are now configurable (feature request [1951766])
  • Option to import folders to repository (feature request [1966408])
  • Global hotkeys support for Linux (feature request [2629848])
  • Application can receive commands (play, stop, next, previous) from other instances or third-party apps
  • Configurable OSD width and horizontal / vertical alignment
  • Added tool to import loved tracks from LastFM profile
  • Error correction when ripping CDs
  • Option to retry repository load when it’s not found
  • Some visual improvements in player controls
  • Option to copy playlist to mp3 player (feature request [2526017])
  • New export process
  • Added “ban” in Last.FM (feature request [2533022])
  • Added option to automatically “love” songs in Last.FM when added to favorites
  • Import process includes an option to complete tags using custom patterns
  • Better quality of artist images retrieved from LastFM
  • Added support for Disc Number tag attribute
  • Show a message in context panel for every similar artist available in repository
  • New option to edit tags from file name pattern
  • Added help to complete title from file name when editing tag
  • Folder are now removed completely in folder view
  • Remove common track titles text from albums
  • FIX: aTunes should have an icon for MacOS [2192873] (patch by Patawrouks)
  • FIX: submission through proxy [2519827]
  • FIX: Allow application arguments when using .deb package
  • FIX: Full screen view does not use the full screen on Gnome systems [2690528]
  • FIX: “Repair genres” should repair only empty genre tag fields
  • FIX: M3U files with online radios are not loaded properly [2704880]
  • FIX: Show splash screen in the same screen where application is
  • FIX: Avoid HTTP 505 from if version name is not encoded properly when scrobbling
  • FIX: Show full screen in the same screen where application is
  • FIX: Tray icon popup menu problems [2690531]
  • FIX: Radio playlist not played because url has no extension [2493205]
  • FIX: Artist missing on last tracks of an imported CD [2593977]
  • FIX: Null quality when importing CD [2747699]
  • FIX: Context panel is inactive when song is selected [2773989]
  • FIX: Context panel was updated when changing not current playing audio file
  • FIX: Context panel sometimes showed the wrong cover in the title pane
  • FIX: NPE when setting automatically some attributes if file has no tag
  • Galician translation added (thanks to Martín Pena)

Version number 1.13.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website aTunes
License type GPL