Software Update: ATi Tray Tools

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Ray Adams recently released a new version of his ATi Tray Tools. The program has arrived at version and is from this server as an installation package. ATi Tray Tools is a small program that nestles itself in the tray of Windows after installation. Using the program, an ATi Radeon video card can be tweaked in various parts. For example, it is possible to change driver settings and overclock the video card. Version contains a large number of bug fixes and tweaks. You can read exactly what they are below:

  • Fixed bug when ATT produce BSOD at start up on some motherboards like Asus P5WD2
  • Improved current 3D settings detection on new Catalyst installation
  • Fixed bug with wrong detection of current level of Adaptive AA.
  • “Save Icon Position” module now will save positions for each resolution you will use. Saved positions are incompatible between different resolutions.
  • Added new module in monitoring graphs. “Motherboard Resources”. Now you can directly monitor temperatures, voltages on your motherboard! Big thanks to OverSoft team for SIO Engine plugin. Full supported sensors Winbond: W83627HF, W83637HF, W83627THF, W83782D, W83781D, W83697HF, W83627EHF ITE: IT8705F, IT8712F. Abit uGuru. Partially supported Winbond W83647HF, Asus AS99127F, Fintek F71872. This module is in beta test stage.
  • Added support for custom FPS color in game profiles. Only for OpenGL/Direct3D8/Direct3D9 Games and applications. For old Direct3D and DirectX games (Direct3D7/6/5) custom FPS color will be used only if game will use 32 bits color format in rendering procedure.
  • Updated Core names database. Included information about R580, R600, RV370X, RV371, RV530 LE/SE/VE chips.
  • Added information about X1900 boards
  • Now Overclocking and Monitoring disabled by default for R5xx boards. Until I find more information about overclocking new ATI chips.
  • Now ATT will not update Monitoring Tray Icons if registered games is active.
  • Moved all overclocking procedures into Kernel mode driver.
  • Updated I2C procedures.
  • Updated OSD plugin “Motherboard resources”. Added support for internal ATT Motherboard monitor sources.
  • Updated plugins API. Included functions to access internal Motherboard monitor information. Some function has been updated for OSD Plugins. Please refer to readme.txt in plugins folder. All third party runtime and OSD plugins with configuration procedures must be updated.
  • I2C Dump procedure now can be directly accessed in System Information module.
  • Fixed wrong CRT + TV detection in System Information module.
  • Updated texture LOD adjustment procedure. Now you can select positive value, which can increase performance, but in result of very bad quality.
  • Added support for HDTV modes in Display module.
  • Improved TV/Display module support under Windows XP 64
  • Fixed situation when ATT unable to properly detect supported display types
  • Fixed bug when ATT lockups in System Information module under Windows 64.
  • Updated ATT Shared Memory. Included information about free Video/Texture memory, current 3D api and System Memory used by game. Last two fields will be updated only if any 3D application is active and in FlashOSD interval.
  • Recreated color correction procedure. Now colors will be changed automatically on all available displays. Added support for color correction on X1300/X1600/X1800/X1900
  • Added option in Game Profiles to adjust interval in seconds in which ATT will check and update current colors in game. Default value is 10 seconds.
  • Fixed incorrect FPS color rendering for DirectX and old Direct3D games


Version number
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website ATi Tray Tools
File size


License type Freeware
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