Software Update: Apple Safari 3.2.3

Apple has released a new version of Safari 3. As a result, the 3 series of the web browser has arrived at version number 3.2.3 and can for Mac OS X Tiger, Mac OS Leopard and Windows are downloaded. According to this article Safari 3.2.3 includes three security updates, all related to code execution and even a browser crash. Safari has been the default browser of OS X for some time, but since the 3 version series it has also been available for Windows. The browser enables users to keep track of RSS feeds, use tabs while surfing and automatically fill in input fields. The release notes of version 3.2.3 are listed below:

About Safari 3.2.3 for Leopard

This update is recommended for all Safari users and includes the latest security updates

Version number 3.2.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website apple
File sizes 19.69MB – 40.00MB
License type Freeware