Software Update: Apache 1.3.19

the seand reported the release of Apache version 1.3.19. Despite the fact that 1.3.17 was released relatively recently, it was already time for a new version. 1.3.18 Was deliberately skipped .

Everyone is strongly urged to switch to this new version:

This version of Apache is primarily a security fix release addressing a problem which could lead to a directory listing being displayed in place of an error message. Also, it fixes some broken functionality present in the 1.3.17 release and various Win32 issues.

We consider Apache 1.3.19 to be the best version of Apache available and we strongly recommend that users of older versions, especially of the 1.1.x and 1.2.x family, upgrade as soon as possible. No further releases will be made in the 1.2.x family.

Version number 1.3.19
Operating systems Linux