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When you use a computer for a long time, it is recommended to take small breaks in between and do exercises to use your muscles in a different position. With this you can arm yourself against various forms of RSI. For anyone who does not feel like keeping track of the time themselves, various programs have been developed that give you a signal to take a break. AntiRSI is available on the Mac OS X platform to help you with this. The developer has pushed out version 1.4 with the following announcement:

Version 1.4:

AntiRSI is now aware that you were just in a natural workbreak when you click “Take a Break Now”. This means the workbreak won’t start at zero, but at the time you had been away already. This gives you the opportunity to turn on your iTunes, or do something else, without resetting the break.

AntiRSI is now also distributed as a universal binary, meaning it is MacOSX x86 ready.

It also includes numerous other minor tweaks and fixes.[break]

Version number 1.4
Operating systems macOS
Website AntiRSI
License type Cardware
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