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The Anope program consists of a collection of IRC services that can be linked to an IRCD. The services include a NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ and HelpServ that enable the user to secure his nickname and chat channel, among other things. The developers have recently released version 1.7.12 on the website with the following announcement:

Version 1.7.12 (revision 918):

With the release of Anope 1.7.12, we are preparing the code for the upcoming stable release of 1.8.0. This release fixes most known outstanding bugs and is a recommended upgrade for anyone running a 1.7 version of Anope.

Important Notes:

  • Userkeys are really optional now
  • Fixed some unlikely but possible crashes
  • Bug fixes and code cleanups

No patch files provided on this release to evaluate the necessity of them. If you would like a patch file please visit our support channel.


  • A Information on uplink server can be displayed via OperServ STATS.
  • A Configuration option to change fantasy command prefix character.
  • An Event for fantasy commands triggered without channel access.
  • F Memleaks and not removing tempfiles on failed module loading.
  • F Help response for os random news was using opernews text.
  • F Changed NickLen and BSFantasyChar into recommended and optional.
  • F Added missing hs_request to win32 modules makefile.
  • F Changed error on identical user keys into a warning.
  • F Added check in OperServ stats to avoid segfault without param.
  • F Numeric 219 didn’t give correct letter for STATS u.
  • F ChanServ HOP was available on IRCDs without halfop support.
  • F Placed capab tokens and flags into a table for easier handling.
  • F Capab parsing on hybrid/plexus/ratbox failed.
  • F Typo in example.conf (DevNullAlias ​​was called DevNullName).
  • F UserKeys gave an error without message when missing.
  • F Stripping fantasy character from fantasy commands.
  • F Made module (un)loading code more friendly for modularized core.
  • F NickServ SASET didn’t fill the nick in the ‘not registered’ line.
  • F Updated Italian language file.
  • F Updated German translation for cs_appendtopic.

[break]The following three downloads are ready:
Windows with MySQL support

Version number 1.7.12
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris
Website Anope IRC Services
License type GPL
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