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Since mid-2002, the US Army has had a new opportunity to get young people excited about a military career. The America’s Army game lets you take on the role of an American soldier who has to go through various missions. For more information, we refer you to this page. The developers have released America’s Army: Special Forces “Overmatch” 2.7.0 and provided the announcement below. The full list of changes is up this page to read and the game can be played via, among other things this BitTorrent link be brought in.

America’s Army: Special Forces (Overmatch) 2.7 has finally been released after a long wait! The new full version contains the following new features:

  • New Multiplayer Missions
    • Interdiction (Close Combat Coop map)
    • SF Snakeplain (Huge Coop map with driveable vehicles and Javelins)
    • Steamroller (a big Close Urban Combat map with up to 6 floors in height).
  • New Training Missions
    • HMMWV Driving Training Course (Learn how to operate the features of the driveable Hummer)
    • HMMWV Gunnery Training Course (Learn how to operate the .50cal CROWS)
    • Javelin Deployed Training Environment and Live Fire Exercise (Learn how to operate and deploy the Javelin Weapon System)
  • Implemented Vehicles
    • Crows HMMWV system (Driveable Hummer with one of the two types of remote controlled CROWS systems on top, which can be seen on SF Snakeplain)
    • T-62 Tank (AI controlled vehicle, can be seen on SF Snakeplain)
    • BMP-1 (AI controlled vehicle, can be seen on both SF Snakeplain and Interdiction)
    • BTR-80 (AI controlled vehicle and capable of deploying a quick reaction force, can be seen on SF Snakeplain and Interdiction
  • New Weapon Systems
    • .50cal CROWS System (Player operated remote controlled .50cal on top of a Hummer)
    • MK19 CROWS System (Player operated remote controlled MK19 on top of a Hummer)
    • Javelin Weapon System (Man portable fire and forget weapon system)
  • Situational Awareness Indicator (SAI)
      A top-down view of the area immediately surrounding the current player, showing your teammates (if in LOS) and the objectives. The feature has 3 zoom modes and has an implemented ‘Enemy Spotted’ function.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
      A whole new gameplay in which you play in a 9 player squad agains AI enemy soldiers and vehicles. AI comes with different classes, mental states, combat action and much more.
  • And Much, Much More
    • Improved AA Browser with advanced filter options and other features like favorite servers and buddy list.
    • Captured SF Scout Role in which players start the round in a holding cell ready to escape and counter the enemy from inside the compound.
    • Complex damage models for the HMMWVs. Don’t think driving around without tires is easy…
    • Virtual Hero recruiting station, where you can get information, watch video and get a lot of experience.
    • Bug fixes; loads of bugs are fixed!

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Version number 2.7.0
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website America’s Army
License type Freeware
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