Software Update: Amahi 5.3

Tuesday version 5.3 of Amahi was released. Amahi is described by the developers as an hda, or a home digital assistant. Amahi runs on Fedora and offers shared data storage, automatic backups, secure vpn, shared applications such as the calendar of iCal or Outlook, streaming audio and video and its own wiki. More information about the program can here are being found. New in version 5.3 includes greyhole, a way to create a volume, regardless of the size of the disks and how they are connected. Below are the full release notes for version 5.3:

Amahi 5.3 Release Notes

  • Disk Pooling, using Greyhole technology (Thanks Guillaume!):
    • Virtual multi-drive disk
    • File replication, 2 to max-number of disks in the pool!
  • Application environment variables, for more flexible packaging of apps
  • Translation/localization improvements for:
    • Norwegian (Norsk and Bokmål, bug #447)
    • Spanish
    • French
    • English
    • Bulgarian
    • Portuguese/Portugal
    • Chinese
    • Indonesian
  • New translation: Japanese (Thanks Shingo!)
  • Multiple UI improvements across the setup pages, for usability and consistency:
    • Nice images for the status of the servers area (see the eye candy)
  • Application dependencies: install multiple applications that depend on others, in just one click
  • Installer improvements:
    • More reliability when the installer starts (sinatra installs, remove sinatra-sequel)
    • Better messages, more up to date
  • A lot of updates related to building .deb packages for Ubuntu support
  • Fixed exception caused by deleting a calendar (#506)
  • Revamped calendars area and added the ability to create a new empty calendar to make it much easier to use them in clients
  • Use reload instead of restart in samba when updating the platform
  • Bug in the way the ajax spinners are generated – add semicolon everywhere, for more robust operation
  • Make sure the network device is always enabled ONBOOT in the installer and the HDA daemon
  • Do not show partitions of less than 200mb to add to the Greyhole disk pool, so we block adding nearly-to-full partitions to the GH pool

Known Issues

  • You may be getting sabnzbd failed to start missing depends (cheetah,cherrypy, sqlite). This needs to be fixed. The workaround is to install chrrypy with yum by hand.
  • Some greyhole warnings are needed for / partitions or other things that are not too smart to add to a pool

Version number 5.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website amahi
License type GPL