Software Update: AIMP 3.60 Build 1416 Beta 1

The first beta release of version 3.60 of the media player AIMP appeared. This free Russian-made lightweight media player has support for the most popular music formats. The appearance resembles the well-known Winamp and can be adjusted by means of skins. AIMP has an 18-channel equalizer on board and supports plugins. Furthermore, the program can rip CDs, convert music files and edit tags. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:


  • New API for plugins
  • DEP and ASLR support have been added
  • The “Modules” folder has been removed, the following folders have been introduced instead: .System, .SystemData, .SystemEncoders

Sound Effects:

  • Normalization settings have been extended
  • Normalization settings have been moved to separate tab
  • Replay Gain – added an ability to set default value for normalization
  • Replay Gain – added an ability to set preamp value for normalization factor

Integration to OS:

  • The “Add to Queue” command has been added to the context menu of Windows Explorer

Mini Player:

  • An ability to adjust volume via mouse wheel without set focus into the mini-player
  • An ability to download album art from internet automatically (plugin for service is used to do it for now)
  • An ability to define album art for internet radio stations
  • An ability to customize search options


  • The “adding files” process is now working in separate thread
  • Shuffle mode – all indexes are now stored in the playlist file
  • Shuffle algorithm has been improved – uniform playback of files from different groups, avoiding sequential playback of two consecutive files
  • The number of file access has been reduced during loading a playlist / add files process

Audio Converter:

  • The “Jump to target folder” button has been added

Tag Editor:

  • An ability to switch off grouping in the file list
  • Added an ability to drop files / images from internet browsers / URLs to the album art display
  • AIFF file format support


  • Common – added an ability to filter plugins by status
  • Common – all plugins are now stored in a subfolders
  • Common – support of Input plugins from Winamp has been removed because this type of plugins does not support multi threading
  • Visualizations – limit on the screen resolution has been removed for new type plugins
  • Infobar – the “show always” option has been added
  • Infobar – added an ability to select target screen
  • – plugin now works with service directly – you no longer required installed client
  • – added an ability to love / unlove tracks
  • – added an ability to send the AlbumArtist field value instead of the Artist (optional)
  • – an ability to show window with information about playable file
  • – offline cache for100 records has been added
  • SACD – plugin for an ability to decode hi-res audio in the DSDIFF / DSF formats


  • Common – an null size window with application icon is displaying at center of the screen when move mouse at the AeroPeek preview of application
  • Common – issues with position of taskbar button at Windows 8 with multi-screen configuration

Version number 3.60 build 1416 beta 1
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website AIMP
File size


License type Freeware