Software update: Adobe Reader XI 11.0.4

Adobe has released an update to version 11 of Acrobat. Downloads are available for Windows and OS X, in a limited number of languages. Acrobat consists of the commercial package to create PDF documents and the free reader to be able to read them. With Reader it is now also possible to create simple PDF documents via an online tool. Version 11.0.4 is a scheduled quarterly update and includes the following changes and improvements:


  • With every release, the product is further hardened with improvements to Protected View, Protected Mode, and other features.
  • Product now shows the document’s certification status in the Protected View document message bar for PKCS7 detached signatures. See bEnablePVCertificateBasedTrust below.
  • 3547492/3581824 Protected Mode and DFS (managed share locations/UNC/mount points/redirected folders) not working properly when opening files from MS-DFS.
  • 3431555 When browsing to a form which contacts a web service, the client certificate is not available when Protected Mode is ON.
  • There is a new HKLM preference which specifies a whitelist to of attachment filetypes that can be searched ( tSearchAttachmentsWhiteList). see the Preference Reference.

Services Integration

  • Additional font option while creating signature in Reader/Acrobat.
  • Various options for creating signatures in “Place signature workflow” to be displayed more prominently.
  • Enhancements to experience when a user clicks on a service access point but Tools pane is already open.
  • Enhanced Gateway for better integration.
  • integration: Display a download progress bar on opening a document.
  • Display dialog only on first use.
  • The “save to” tool initiates upload in a single-click now instead of taking the user to the right hand pane and requiring two clicks.
  • 3557492 Create PDF service fails if Reader file is opened from and file for CPDF is also selected from
  • 3554061 Fixed Layout issues with chat pod when opening files from
  • 3556488 File thumbnail and file name are out of sync in the web UI.
  • 3611357 Not able to save signed PDF to
  • 3578400 Services subscription does not get Activated when user selects “Stay Signed In” Checkbox on authentication screen.
  • 3540595 Convert button in Create PDF accordion remains disabled on file selection for ExportPDF/SendNow signed-in users (prevents them from purchasing CreatePDF service).
  • 3586614 Expose option in the saveAs dialog of newly created unsaved file.

EchoSign integration

  • 3615613 The auto-detect signature field feature is disabled by default.

Acrobat Web Capture

  • Rendering improvements:
    • Several HTML page layout improvements.
    • Improved scaling of HTML content.
    • Improved handling of HTML 5 tags – nav, article, section and others.
    • Improved handling of CSS-3 attributes: Border, radius, Transform, Columns elements.
    • Improved performance.
  • The Create PDF add-ons support Internet Explorer’s Enhanced Protected Mode on Windows 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Support IE 10 64 bit.
  • 3358519 Web Capture never completes the conversion if the form redirects to some other html page.

PDF export

  • Support for XFA/Acroforms
  • Editability: Unnecessary Line Breaks eliminated from following:
    • Extra Line breaks between paragraphs
    • Line breaks within a paragraph
    • Line Breaks between flowing content inside table cells
    • Line breaks between multiline list items
  • Font Recognition:
    • Better recognition of more fonts
    • Better Recognition of font attributes – Bold, italics, underline etc. for many more fonts
  • Improved Fidelity of charts.
  • Improved Table export – Unnecessary merging of cells eliminated.
  • Improved detection of complex tables.
  • Improved layout of the content inside textboxes for export to PPTX.
  • 3530263 All data in multiple columns goes to one column after exporting PDF file to Excel.
  • 3530270 All data in multiple rows goes to one row after exporting PDF file to Excel.
  • 3551360 Non-Standard Encoding text export.
  • 3534157 Text Clipping for some layouts.
  • 3534162 Font changes within continuous text.

digital signatures

  • Updated the European Union Trust List.
  • 3596804 More stability for certified form with Reader Extensions upon opening form with set amount of signatures filled out.
  • 3351037 Slow response using certificate authentication of LiveCycle form with Reader.
  • 3493240 Signed files with animated 3D exhibit causes product to exit.
  • The product can now show the document’s certification status in the Protected View document message bar for PKCS7 detached signatures. The feature is disabled by default. To enable it, set HKLM’s bEnablePVCertificateBasedTrust to 1. See the Preference Reference.
  • 3610822 Browser window freezes till the time certificate is verified for large linearized PDFs.

Save as PDF

  • 3596599 Template content incorrectly converted to PDF from Powerpoint.
  • 3530263 All data in multiple columns goes to one column after exporting PDF file to Excel.
  • 3542059 Need better performance when trying to convert EMF file.
  • 3514597 Windows-only: Default “Save As” location is the temporary Internet folder on email attachments.
  • 3584885 Preflight needs compatibility with running Concert to PDFA1b.


  • Enabled ICA support on Mac 10.7 or higher.
  • Improved performance and stability when scanning certain files.
  • 3597465 Mac: 10.7.4-only: Hide Details button is not available in Adobe Acrobat ICA scan window.
  • 3572875 Mac: Clicking on the ‘Recognize Text In’ radio button of OCR Settings causes the language list to be duplicated.
  • 3551354 OCR Interface: Inverted Images.
  • 3604901: “The Selected Color Format is not supported” error.
  • 3176407: “The scanner is in use by application Adobe Acrobat Pro” error.
  • 3168978: Resolved the Acrobat crash issue that occurs when the resolution is increased .
  • 3604860: Append to existing file or portfolio’ setting is not selected when a pdf is already opened in Acrobat.
  • 3603287: MAC 10.7: Acrobat creates bad PDF file while the scanner is disconnected during scanning.
  • 3597465: MAC 10.7.4 only > ICA: The Hide Details button is not available in Adobe Acrobat ICA scan window.
  • 3356448: ICA issue of scrambled/garbled text is resolved on Mac OS 10.8 or higher.
  • 3177197: ICA: Multiple scan area selection on the same overview does not give multiple pages.
  • 3360242: ICA: The last used scan settings are not retained.
  • 3178292: ICA: Mac OSX 10.8: Some options in the ICA dialog box are not accessible since no scroll bar is available and the dialog is not resizable.
  • 3176397: ICA: Format appearing in the ICA dialog box on Mac OSX 10.8.
  • 3295224: ICA: Canon imageClass MF5870: For Insert Pages route, ICA intermittently fails to process the pages after scan completes with settings – Color mode and “OCR and optimization turned OFF”.
  • 3319461: Canon imageClass MF 5870 > ICA > Intermittent: Scanning a page at 600 dpi Color mode with Optimization and OCR turned OFF results in scan getting hanged.
  • 3326945: Kodak Hero 9.1 > ICA: Scan fails to create a document for small custom sized selection of some specific dimensions.
  • 3503817: Mac > A10 > HP Officejet8500: Erroneous error message appears while scanning via the Actions route.

Tools panel

  • 3620859 Reader Win only: Tools Pane can go into an infinite loop.
  • 3608157 Tools pane may become unresponsive if launched by Gateway/FileMenu/Toolbar icon.


  • 3603097 PDF/VT validation fails on attached PDF.
  • 3584885 Certain files cuase Preflight to hang when running Concert to PDFA1b.
  • 3575786 Replace .notdef with space moves text width is not properly respected.
  • 3570636 If a valid PDF/A-3 file is reconverted to PDF/A-3 a hit regarding an invalid XMP extension schema shows up.
  • 3570633 Goto action not found by GWG profiles PDF/X-4
  • 3512595 bookmarks do not appear after PDF/A-3 conversion anymore.
  • 3436715 Preflight needs to check XMP structure validity in Pages, XObjects, & Fonts.
  • 3372993 The file that can pass Acrobat 9 PDF/X-3 validation is failing in AX and AXI, says “File Specification Present”.


  • Improve Mac Rendering on Retina hi-DPI displays.
  • Fix ICA issues with scanning on Mac OS 10.7, 10.8.

Windows 8 only

  • Touch improvement–Preserve Edit Mode in Touch.
  • Hi-DPI on Windows–Make Application DPI aware.
  • 3366563 Acrobat inhibits Windows 8 x64 pdf indexing capabilities.

System requirements

  • Windows 8.1 and Mac OSX 10.9 support.
  • IEBlue support.


  • 3586448 Download of text/plain after PDF submit should Alert.
  • 3551897 Saved Data not retaining in Reader 10 and higher.
  • 3475912 Action Wizard requires a keyboard accessible way to advance through steps in an action.
  • 3571598 Stability improvements for Dynamic Stamps.
  • 3534124 Edit-text: Better line break support within a list item and paragraphs.
  • 3595392 Preflight feature–several fixes.
  • 3605433 In some cases,bookmarks in PDF created using Combine is not working properly.
  • 3557959 Can’t make a blank space when text is right aligned.
  • 3170049 A proper warning message should appear when editing an image using ‘Edit Using…’ tool for the files whose security permission doesn’t allow content copying.
  • 3524932 Touch Scrolling is not smooth and artifacts gets stuck on the screen when Protected View in on.

Version number 11.0.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website Adobe
File size


License type Freeware