Software update: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.7

Adobe has provided Lightroom with an update to version 2.7. The new version can Windows and Mac OS X downloaded and is a maintenance release for Lightroom 2.0. Lightroom is an image manager with which digital photos can be edited, sorted and processed in various ways. For example, it is not only possible to organize photos per photo session, but also to attach keywords to photos and to search for certain terms to show the desired and/or relevant photos. It is also possible to make a slideshow and web album of a photo shoot via Lightroom. This release fixes two issues and adds support for a handful of new cameras:

Changes in version 2.7:

  • Slideshow playback on Windows could cause Lightroom and/or the computer to crash.
  • The camera raw cache limit was increased to 200GB

Support for the following cameras has been added:

  • Canon EOS 550D (Digital Rebel T2i/ EOS Kiss X4 Digital)
  • Kodak Z981
  • Leaf Aptus-II 8
  • Leaf Aptus-II 10R
  • Mamiya DM40
  • Olympus E-PL1
  • Panasonic G2
  • Panasonic G10
  • Sony A450

Version number 2.7
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website Adobe
File sizes 99.40MB – 149.00MB
License type Shareware