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Smugglers use drones to smuggle smartphones to China

A 60-100 m when I look at Google Earth
Handsome crossbow needed if you want to transfer a cable.
And then not only to the other side, but also at a height to the right balcony.
Then that goes faster and more accurately with a drone.

An effective crossbow shot can come with a solid weapon 75M. 19659003] http: //www.bestcrossbowso…can-you-shoot-a-crossbow/
There are certain ways to ‘improve’ that (larger arch?)
I see people digging and using tunnels that could never have existed on paper (Mex VS)

You are missing the point ….
the title “Smugglers use drones to smuggle smartphones to China” is not correct for a meter.
They use a cable car to smuggle the smartphones.
The drone itself is a tool in the whole process.
That it is easier than a well-aimed shot (with a stone or an artillery gun) does not relevant in the article.
In this way my car would drive on the road by a satellite, whereas this is not the case at all
edit: most roads are constructed by surveying icm GPS provisions, navigation in the car goes with the same GPS satellites, without these satellites I can still drive, just like the smugglers could have done without a drone.

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