Skyrim can be played via voice on Alexa speakers

Bethesda announced at E3 the so-called Very Special Edition of Skyrim, which, according to a trailer, ran on an Alexa speaker. It turns out that the game can actually be played on these devices, as a kind of text-adventure.

In Bethesda’s announcement video, the developer seemed to poke fun at the fact that Skyrim is now running on a large collection of platforms including the Nintendo Switch. At the end of the video, which discusses the Alexa interaction, there are also announcements from Skyrim for Etch A Sketch drawing boards, Motorola pagers and refrigerators. Still, Skyrim: Very Special Edition turned out not to be a complete illusion.

For example, the corresponding Alexa skill can be found in the Store. You do need a device that runs the Amazon virtual assistant. The German site Golem has put the skill to the test and installed the skill on a device. It shows that the game can be played as a kind of text-adventure from the past, where you can navigate through the game world by means of answers. The shouts known from Skyrim should of course not be missing.