Skype will receive support for streaming software this summer as Xsplit

Skype will be able to send its audio and video feeds directly to NDI-compatible software such as Wirecast, Xsplit and Vmix. This means that podcasters can stream their content without the intermediate step of additional audio and video capture software.

In a blog post, the Skype development team states that the new features will be part of the Skype for Content Creators – update. This will be released from the summer for both Windows 10 and macOS. The fact that on the Microsoft side it seems to be limited to Windows 10, suggests that it is the UWP version of Skype and not the desktop version which many users prefer. Later in the article, the authors simply speak of the Skype for Desktop app, which also works on Windows 7, but it is not entirely clear.
Besides the possibilities for collaboration with streaming software, the it is possible to adjust the look & feel of the recording within Skype, with which the Skype team probably refers to the split screen being divided and what other graphic elements can be seen in the picture. Also recorded conversations should be easy to import into audio and video editing software.
The Content Creators Mode now in preview, which is something different than the Insider-build of Skype. It will take some time before the general public can try the function.