Skype gets sync for text messages and adds push notifications

Skype has updated its software to synchronize chat conversations across all devices where the user is logged in. Notifications have also been improved.

The innovations have been incorporated in a new version of Skype for mobile, the service says on its weblog. According to the Microsoft subsidiary, the innovations in the application are mainly in the chat functionality. For example, conversations via chat are now synchronized across all devices owned by the user. This means that all messages are available on tablet, smartphone and desktop or laptop, and it is also automatically indicated whether a message has been read or not. In addition, users get a push notification on all their devices when there is a new message.

Until now, messages arrived on only one device if a user was logged in on multiple devices. Users have been complaining about the lack of synchronization of messages between devices for quite some time. Skype already announced six months ago that it would work on this.

Skype’s new mobile application also has several innovations under the hood. For example, the company promises that the startup and shutdown of the software will be faster. In addition, Skype consumes less of the battery.

In the coming months, Skype on mobile will make a number of changes. In the long run, notifications should only be sent to devices that are used the most. Notifications do not have to be read several times because they are sent to different devices. Finally, the list of favorite contacts will also be synchronized between devices in due course.