SK hynix shows DDR5-4800 memory bars of 32 and 64GB with ECC

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SK hynix has shown two DDR5 memory bars. These are rdimms with error correcting code of 32 and 64GB that support transfer speeds of 4800 to 5600MT / s. It is unknown when the DDR5 dram will appear. With the DDR5 memory bars, SK hynix is ​​aiming for use for big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Since DDR5 operates at 1.1 instead of 1.2V with DDR4, the dram should help make data centers more economical and reduce running costs.The DDR5 supports throughputs from 4800 to 5600MT / s and the registered dimms provide error correcting code, which increases reliability for business applications. SK hynix does not report on the availability yet; the Korean company only reports that it can supply customers with products “as soon as the DDR5 market becomes active.” The name of the images on the site indicates that the company still makes the chips using a 1Ynm process. Last year, the company announced that it was starting production of DDR4 on 1Znm, an improved process that yields more energy-efficient chips. SK hynix announced that it had already developed DDR5 memory in 2018. The company then said it was going to start mass production in 2020, but SK hynix is ​​not reporting anything about that now. In July, the Jedec organization published the final DDR5 memory standard.
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