Sipeed releases LycheeRV single-board computer with RISC-V chip for 19 euros

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Manufacturer Sipeed introduces a new LicheeRV single-board computer. It features a small design with an optional LCD and is based on the Allwinner D1 chip, with a 64-bit RISC-V core. The LicheeRV costs 18.86 euros.

Sipeed has the LicheeRV with Allwinner D1 chip released this week on Aliexpress, CNX Software noted. The single-board computer has a single 64-bit XuanTie-RISC-V core, which runs at 1GHz. The system also features 512MB DDR3 memory, a MicroSD card reader and a USB-C port. The board supports Debian and Tina Linux. The board also has a SPI connector, to which users can connect an optional 1.14″ screen. A variant with such a screen costs about 6 euros extra.

The LicheeRV has dimensions of 43.2×25.0mm and can be connected via two M.2 connectors to a kind of dock board, which should provide, for example, extra USB ports, Ethernet connectors, HDMI connections or other connectivity. In December, Sipeed will release a first dock, the company reports on Twitter. That dock adds gpio headers, among other things. No price has yet been announced for this.

The manufacturer also shows a variant of the LycheeRV-86, which comes with a housing with integrated touchscreen. That screen has a resolution of 480×480 pixels. That model also gets a built-in RJ45 connector for 100Mbit/s Ethernet, a WiFi and Bluetooth module, support for gpio expansion and support for the WebAssembly Framework for Things. No price or release date is known for this variant either.

The Sipeed LycheeRV, the dock sign, and the LycheeRV-86 variant with integrated touchscreen. Images via Sipeed

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