Signify releases Philips Hue Sync app for Samsung TVs for 130 euros

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Signify comes with a new Philips Hue Sync app for recent Samsung televisions. With this app, users can synchronize their Hue lights with their television so that they can adapt to what is happening on the screen. The app costs 130 euros.

The Philips Hue Sync app will be available for 2022 Samsung televisions on Thursday, January 5, Signify reports during the CES fair. Users can download the app from the Samsung TV app store. The application is supported on the Q60 TV and above. It is not known whether the app will eventually also come to older Samsung TVs or televisions from other brands.

The application scans the images shown on the television and then adjusts the color of connected Hue lamps for an Ambilight-like effect. Users can select in the app which lamps they want to use for this and can then indicate where they are mounted in relation to the television.

This is in fact a software version of the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, which achieves the same thing, but as a set-top box of 250 euros. Users of the app must already own Hue bulbs before they can use the app. According to the manufacturer, all image formats and forms of content are compatible with the Hue Sync app. Given the software operation, the app also works in combination with built-in streaming apps on Samsung televisions. The Play HDMI Sync Box only works with HDMI inputs.

In addition to the television app, Signify also comes with a few new Hue lamps. The company is introducing new outdoor wall lamps, which will be released in Europe on January 24 for 120 euros. In addition, the company will release a new Hue Tap dial with round mount for 50 euros on March 14. The company will also bring its portable Philips Hue GO table lamp to Europe on February 21 for 160 euros.

From left to right: the Philips Hue wall lighting, Go table lamp and Tap dial with round mount

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