Signify introduces Philips Hue lamps for outdoor use

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Signify has announced a number of Philips Hue products, which are lamps for outdoor use. Most of the announced products will be available in Europe from the end of this month, the rest will follow from the end of April.

The arrival of a number of new Philips Hue outdoor lamps was already announced at the end of last year via and now Signify has officially announced the products during CES and provided them with prices and release dates. For example, the company is introducing the Appear, a lamp in the shape of a cylinder that is mounted on a wall and projects a triangular beam of light on the wall at both the top and bottom. The Resonate lanterns are similar, although these are rectangular shaped lamps that come in a silver or black edition.

On the left the Lily XL and next to it the Impress

Signify also comes with the Attract, a wall-mounted, downward-facing lantern that projects a subtle glow of light onto the wall through a transparent shade. In addition, the Daylo will be available, a round lamp to be mounted on the wall; it is available in a stainless steel version or in black. Signify also markets the Nyro lamps. It concerns two models in which the lamp is, as it were, incorporated in an overhanging roof. One model is a wall lantern while the other is probably intended to be placed on the ground along a walkway.

Signify takes it further with the Lily XL, a spotlight. This is a larger version of the lamp that the company launched in 2018. There will also be a version of the Impress outdoor wall lamp that works on a low voltage and the same applies to the Econic lamp.

Fashion model Release price
Philips Hue Appear the end of January € 140
Philips Hue Attraction the end of January €150
Philips Hue Lily XL low volt the end of January € 140
Philips Hue Resonate the end of January € 130 (black) / 140 (stainless steel)
Philips Hue Daylo the end of January €115 (black) / 120 (stainless steel)
Philips Hue Impress low-volt the end of January € 130
Philips Hue Cable + T-part the end of January €17.95
Philips Hue Nyro wall light end of April €120
Philips Hue Nyro pedestal end of April €150
Philips Hue 100W Power Supply end of April €60
Philips Hue 40W Power Supply end of April €40
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