Sharp shows prototype of rollable OLED TV without color filter

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Sharp has shown a rollable OLED TV with a 4k resolution. This screen, which the manufacturer has developed together with the Japanese public broadcaster NHK, is a prototype that is not equipped with a color filter.

Sharp reports in the Japanese announcement that it is a screen with a diagonal of 30 “, with a 4k resolution and a refresh rate of 60Hz, but most details and specifications are missing. According to the manufacturer, the screen is 0.5 mm thick and can be rolled into a cylinder with a radius of 2 cm. The company uses igzo, a semiconductor material that can be used as a thin-film transistor in screens, for this TV. This should simplify the control of smaller pixels and make the whole more energy-efficient, although makes the panel more difficult to produce.

It concerns an OLED panel based on RGB sub-pixels and, according to Sharp, with a screen diagonal of 30 “is the world’s largest of its kind. Current, regular OLED TVs use a different technology, namely white OLEDs in combination with a The latter also applies to the LG R9, a rollable 65” TV that LG showed at the beginning of this year at CES. LG said it plans to launch this roll-up screen this year, though it hasn’t happened yet.

Sharp’s roll-up OLED screen resembles LG’s design in terms of operation, with the screens being rolled up in a fairly large foot in both cases. Sharp’s screen can also be rolled out for only half, for example. Sharp is showing the screen in Japan this week, but says it has no plans to take it into production.

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