share photos with an iCloud link!

There are already a lot of ways to quickly share photos, iOS 12 adds something new and handy: sharing photos with an iCloud link! The link can be forwarded to anyone you want, in any app.

Share photo iCloud link

If you want to send a photo spontaneously – without being compressed and lose quality – sharing a photo via an iCloud link the ideal way. You can simply drop the link in WhatsApp and the handy thing is that it works on all devices with a browser, so also with people who do not have Apple.

This is how sharing an iCloud link works:

1. Select the photos

Open the Photos app and tap ‘Select’ in the top right corner. Tap all the photos you want to share. When your selection is complete, tap the bottom icon at the bottom left of the sub-icon – the square with the up arrow.

2. Copy link

In the screen that appears, you see all kinds of options to share. Swipe through the bottom row until the ‘Copy iCloud link’ icon appears and tap on it. The app will prepare the link …

3. Paste link

As if nothing happened! But the link is now on your clipboard and you can stick it wherever you want. We will paste it in an e-mail. But it can also be done in an app like WhatsApp.

4. Meanwhile at the other …

Our recipient has opened the link on his Mac – but it is possible on all devices with a browser. The Download button opens two options: simply download or add to the library.

5. For you

Return to your own iPhone. On the For you tab, under ‘Recently shared’, you can see the photos you have just shared via an iCloud link. Tap it: you see the photos and until when the link works.

6. Stop sharing

Via the blue button with the three dots at the top right, you can copy the link later and share it with someone else. The link remains valid for about a month, but with ‘Stop sharing’ you deactivate it immediately.