SeaLion – Linux Monitoring Tool

SeaLion is a Linux monitoring tool. Sealion used for quickly diagnose issues with multiple Linux servers. It’s very simple to use. You can use this by just opening a web browser and the output of standard commands becomes available in a tabbed interface. You can jump to a specific period of time, add your own set of commands and compare the output of different servers side by side to find out why one server is outperforming another. The impressive dashboard Sealion gives you a graphical overview of your server activity and allows you to view raw outputs for a more in-depth knowledge of performance. Server data is recorded for up to 45 days so you can go back in time to diagnose issues. In addition, instant email alerts tell you when your custom metrics cross their threshold. Its enterprise level monitors hundreds of servers and provides granular access controls to multiple users, making it easy for different teams to use. In SeaLion, all data is transferred over SSL connection and stored on secure Amazon servers, incorporating white-listing commands, and the ability to run privileged commands that require sudo permissions.