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Samsung's new spot pest Apple users with slow iPhones

In the category “not sympathetic, but funny” Samsung has launched a new commercial in which iPhone owners are bullied with the fact that their phone is getting slower. Now the speed of your phone is becoming more and more an issue after a few years as the costs of smartphones go up and more and more people do not necessarily want to buy a new one ].

Samsung rubs it into the ‘moving on’ commercial in which an Apple user is being duped by her old slow iPhone 6 and is told by the Apple store that she can choose between a maybe working setting in the menu, or upgrading to a new device. Since we know who pays the commercial, she chooses another upgrade: a new Galaxy. Yes, I can also solve my battery problems.
Anyway, they have a point: after the entire batterygate Apple has fallen heavily in the consumer’s interest, because the company continues to react relatively arrogantly to problems users have with their phone (usually by whether there is no problem) and therefore always offer half solutions to the same problems.
On the other hand, Samsung can not guarantee that their phones will perform much better after a number of years. If Apple was still just as faint, they would be fine with a commercial about someone with a Samsung of a few years old who is waiting smartly for an Android update. Anyway, Samsung users have something to laugh about in the US (these kinds of attacking commercials are made only there) and iPhone owners may be able to recognize themselves in the story.

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