Samsung’s first microled TV will arrive at the beginning of 2021 and will cost 129,000 euros

Samsung will launch its first consumer microled TV early next year. It is a 110 “model with 4k resolution. Samsung already launched larger, modular micro LED screens for business use under the name ‘The Wall’. Samsung calls the new type of screen ‘MicroLED TV’ and it comes in the line-up above the LCD technology-based QLED models.

The 110 “large screen will be made up of different modules, but will be delivered as one unit. Samsung supplies the micro LED television with a wall bracket as standard; a base is available as an option. The television has a very thin, metal border around the screen that allows Samsung to create a screen. -to-body ratio of 99.99 percent.

Regarding the specifications of the 110 “MicroLED TV, the press release that Samsung has circulated offers little clarity. Samsung claims 100 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color space and ‘8 million pixels that light up individually’, which means that the screen has a 4k resolution. would have.

The screen has a new ‘Micro AI Processor’ that optimizes the display of HDR content. Thanks to a technology Samsung calls ‘Multi Peak Brightness’, the power supply from the screen is dynamically distributed and adapted to the content on the image, resulting in a peak brightness of up to 2000cd / m². Samsung claims that the inorganic LED material used for the microled TV has a long lifespan and remains ‘100,000 hours in top shape’.

The first micro LED TV features Samsung’s latest smart TV platform including ‘Multi View’, which offers the possibility to split the screen into four parts, each of which can display its own source. The television also has a built-in sound system with speakers at the bottom, both sides and the top of the screen, with which a pseudo surround experience can be realized.

Samsung does not yet announce what the 110 “television will cost, but it is clear that the new model will be above the regular QLED televisions in terms of price. Smaller models do not seem to come soon, although the press release states that Samsung can bring ‘even smaller’ microled TVs to the market in the future thanks to innovations in the field of microled.

Update, 8:30 am: In Korea the television will cost 170 million Won, converted 129,000 euros (source).