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Samsung unveils specs of foldable smartphone displays

Samsung has revealed some details of the screens on its upcoming foldable smartphone. The display on the front has a ratio of 21: 9, while the screen on the inside is slightly wider than 4: 3.

The folding screen on the inside has a resolution of 2152×1536 pixels and a diagonal of 7.28 “, as Samsung has shown in a session for developers at the Samsung Developer Conference, the meeting for developers that the manufacturer will hold this week in San Francisco, bringing the screen to 15.1×10.7cm, with a screen area of 161 square centimeters and 363 pixels per inch.

The screen at the front has a diagonal of 4.58 “and a resolution of 1960×840 pixels. This makes the display 10.7×4.6 cm, with a surface area of almost 50 square centimeters. Most current smartphones are between 70 and 100 square centimeters. The screen at the front has 465 pixels per inch.

Samsung will set the pixel density of the screens for the software to 420dpi in both cases so that the software can deal with the change of screen more easily. The design and dimensions of the final smartphone are still unknown. The manufacturer already mentions the features to prepare developers for the arrival of its foldable smartphone next year. There will also be models from other manufacturers next year because the foldable smartphone is a new genre of smartphones.

The South Korean manufacturer showed his foldable smartphone Wednesday night but gave no details about specs and features of the device. Also, information about the name, release, and price were missing. All information will follow during an unannounced Unpacked event, presumably around electronics fair CES in January next year or around the Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

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