Samsung to announce bendable smartphone in November

Samsung will present its first bendable smartphone in November. That is what a CEO of the South Korean manufacturer said to an American TV channel. It is unknown when the device will be released.

Samsung will present the phone at its own developer conference SDC, which starts on November 7 in the American city of San Francisco. This confirms DJ Koh, director of Samsung’s mobile division, in an interview with CNBC.

He does not reveal anything about the design, specs or functions of the device in the interview. He does say that users should see a reason why Samsung made the device. “If the expanded experience (of the smartphone, ed) is the same as a tablet, why should consumers buy it? Every device, every feature should have a meaningful message for our end users, so that when they use it they think, ‘So this is the reason Samsung made it.”

There have been rumors for years about a bendable smartphone from Samsung. The manufacturer has been developing a foldable smartphone for a while under the name Project Valley, at the time of the Galaxy S6, but the manufacturer canceled that device. Samsung uses bendable screens in many of its recent high-end smartphones, such as the Galaxy Note 9, S9 and S9+.

Demonstration of flexible display by Samsung at CES 2013.