Samsung sales grow due to high demand for PC and server parts

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Samsung saw its revenue grow by a fifth in the past quarter, mainly due to the growth of its Semiconductor business. The high demand for server and PC memory would have exceeded Samsung’s expectations.

The demand for working and storage memory for PCs and servers was strong in the past quarter, Samsung writes. As a result, the company was able to sell many parts of this and the semiconductor division was able to grow faster than expected. In storage, Samsung specifically names the demand for server SSDs and mobile storage as growth factors.

Demand for Samsung’s mobile display driver ICs, or DDIs, remained strong, as did the demand for 100-megapixel sensors. Demand for socs, however, lagged, leaving behind overall revenue growth in smartphone components.

All divisions of Samsung Electronics made more sales this quarter than a year earlier, although Consumer Electronics saw the largest growth in relative terms. For example, the demand for home devices remained high as people are still staying at home more due to the corona pandemic.

The TV market was also larger than last year, and the company also managed to make more profit by supplying more expensive TVs such as Neo QLEDs. The sales growth was the smallest at Samsung’s Display Panel branch. This would partly be because production lines for large panels would switch to QD Display and therefore less production. At the same time, Samsung was able to make ‘more stable’ OLED panels for smartphones, which in turn had a positive effect on the quarterly figures.

Samsung Electronics had a turnover of 63.67 trillion Korean won in the past quarter, which is 46.6 billion euros. This is twenty percent more than a year earlier. Operating profit amounted to 12.57 trillion won, or 9.19 billion euros. This is an increase of 54.2 percent.

Samsung’s Foundry fabs

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