Samsung releases Galaxy S4 with black and rougher housing

Samsung has announced a variant of its existing Galaxy S4. The new Black version has a different housing, which should mainly feel rougher and resemble leather. A similar version of the Galaxy S4 Mini will also be released.

The new Black Edition should feel more luxurious, let Samsung know. The back of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini looks like black stitched leather. In fact, it is a different kind of plastic that should feel rougher. Furthermore, new Black Edition devices seem equivalent to their predecessors, although Samsung does have an extra set of wallpapers and black accessories such as a charger and earphones.

According to Samsung, the Black Edition of the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S4 Mini will be released this month. However, it is unclear which countries are involved; the Korean manufacturer states that it concerns ‘selected markets’. It is also unclear whether the Black Edition has a higher price.

A leather-like housing is a design element that Samsung previously introduced with the Note series of smartphones and tablets. Incidentally, rumors recently came out that Samsung would also be planning to provide a laptop with stitched fake leather.