Samsung hints at using iris scanner

Samsung has hinted at the use of an iris scanner for payments in an image on Twitter. At the beginning of this year, there were strong rumors about the development of an iris scanner on the Galaxy S5, but it turned out that the phone did not have it.

The image is posted by Exynos, the processor arm of the South Korean conglomerate. The image shows a generic smartphone with a large eye on it and various transactions with a Pay button next to it. The accompanying text reads ‘Unlock the future’.

At the beginning of this year, it was rumored that Samsung was considering an iris scanner in the Galaxy S5, but tests would have shown that the technology was not yet working properly. If Samsung would build in an iris scanner, it is obvious that the manufacturer is thinking about mobile payments: the fingerprint scanner of the S5 also has that function.

It’s unclear why the first hint would come from Samsung’s processor arm; the manufacturer often posts teasers, but the Exynos branch has so far only done so with a view to processor announcements.