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Samsung has made a smartphone that cannot be accessed on the internet

If there is one thing you expect from a contemporary smartphone then it is a connection to the internet. Surprisingly, there seems to be a market for a device that is completely a smartphone, but without 3G, 4G or even WiFi! That phone is called the Galaxy J2 Pro and is now available in Korea.

Who would such a phone be? you can think of children who have to be able to call but do not need apps, older people who find it all but complicated, the internet, or people who want to be sure that their phone cannot be compromised. However, Samsung found another target group where this phone might be useful: students.


Well, there are of course a lot of other options to get a ‘stupid’ phone and they are usually cheaper than the J2 Pro. The trick is that this phone is meant for students. No distraction in the form of the internet or apps, but the basic functions on a smartphone (if you can call it that) that you need further at school: a calculator, pre-installed dictionaries, and of course call and SMS ‘ and. And a camera, crazy enough. You can not go anywhere with the photos, but still.

There is even a special action in South Korea where students who buy a telephone can even get their money back. It is probably a gamble from Samsung to ensure that students buy this phone en masse (because in the long term free) and that it is proven that a phone without internet is useful for students. The J2 Pro ‘no internet edition’ will cost € 150 in the first instance, so it remains to be seen if the students are worth the temporary investment. At the moment there are no plans to bring this phone to the Netherlands, which in itself is understandable.

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