Samsung Galaxy S11, the smartphone that will never come again

It actually didn’t take time to come up with the above title. Two years ago I was hoping that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would be the last ‘normal’ smartphone. No more Galaxy Samsung, come up with something new. We are done with those black rectangles that get a little better every year, but look almost the same.

Samsung will not be bothered by that kind of advice and is based on coffee grounds and a number of websites that are able to get hold of leaked material from Samsung. In any case, after the Samsung Galaxy S9 there was just a Galaxy 10. After that, Samsung got lost, stumbled over a folding phone, got up and recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Foldable, soon on the market and now well received in America. The Fold costs a small capacity, but that is part of real innovations. And those who want to lead the way often pay the first prize.

No Samsung Galaxy 11

Anyway, we have had the Samsung Galaxy 10 and it is time for its successor the Samsung Galaxy 11. That is how it will be and the internet predicted en masse from leaked photos and specifications that this Galaxy 11 will be the new flagship turn into. But Samsung is leaking again, which is almost unstoppable because telcos have to really test those devices and the packaging has probably already been printed. What is going on. The same websites mentioned in the second paragraph have understood from well-informed circles that the name Galaxy 11 will be permanently removed from the books of Samsung. The new Galaxy will be branded Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung S20 and forget about Galaxy

I think it is a weakness because Galaxy S20 is nothing but a Galaxy S11. Then just call it the Samsung S20. Perhaps some guidance is that Galaxy S10 hit on the last decade and Galaxy S20 for the next 10 years. But very honestly it’s just a name. Much more important is whether Samsung is again able to launch a smartphone that is “best of class”. The competition mainly consists of the iPhone 11 and the Huawei P40 (hopefully with Android).

OPPO is now also appearing at the back door, which is rapidly gaining market share with high-quality smartphones that are just a bit more affordable. OPPO also fully bets on 5G. Now we expect that Samsung cannot do anything else and will also bet high. The South Korean smartphone producer must, if those reports are correct, announce all this on February 11, 2020. Well before the Mobile World Congress, traditionally the main stage for Samsung. Only when we receive an invitation to the Unpacked event do we know anything more.