Samsung Galaxy Fold gets features from Fold2 via software update

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Samsung brings various functions from its Galaxy Z Fold2 to the first Fold. This mainly concerns features that have to do with the cameras. For example, the screen at the front can be used as a viewfinder when taking selfies.

Samsung calls that function Rear Cam Selfie. When the phone is open, the rear cameras can be used for selfies. The screen at the front is then visible and the image is displayed on it as a preview.

Capture View is also coming to the Galaxy Fold. In addition, while taking photos, the phone displays the last five photos or videos taken on half of the large screen, while the other half of the screen can still be used as a viewfinder. Furthermore, the Fold gets the Pro Video mode that was introduced in the Galaxy Fold Z2. This makes it possible to make videos with a 21: 9 ratio at 24fps.

The device also gets the Dual Preview function; when taking photos or videos, a preview can be seen on both the front and rear screens. This function is intended to give both the photographer and the person in front of the camera a view of the image. Dual Preview can also be used with Pro Video mode.

With the update, App Pair also comes to the first Galaxy Fold. That’s a feature that allows users to create a bundle of three apps and keep the layout on the screen. Those three apps can then be opened at the touch of a button.

Samsung says it has started sending the update, but when users receive the functions, it varies by country and provider. The Galaxy Fold came out in October 2019 and was Samsung’s first foldable smartphone. The device has been succeeded this year by the Galaxy Z Fold2, with better hardware and new functions in the software.

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