Samsung develops chip for security smartphones and puts it in Galaxy S20

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Samsung has developed a chip for hardware security of smartphones. That chip will first appear in the Galaxy S20 phones. Apple and Google, among others, have been using such chips for some time.

The chip uses a Secure Element with separate storage to protect sensitive data, Samsung reports. The chip has the type number S3K250AF. Samsung uses the separate storage to store data such as passwords and cryptocurrencies. It is obvious that data from, for example, fingerprints of users will also be stored there.

Samsung is thus following the example of Apple and Google, who have been doing this for some time. Apple has had the Secure Enclave on its soc for years, while Google has had the Titan M chip for such applications for a few years now.

The separate storage and increased security of that storage must securely store user data. Samsung also offers the chip for use by other manufacturers, although the Galaxy S20 models are the first to receive the chip.

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