Samsung customer data has been stolen in hack

Samsung reports that customer data was stolen in a hack that took place at the end of July. Names and contact details were also stolen. The company has not disclosed how many people may have been affected.

In a statement, Samsung says that someone “gained unauthorized access to their systems” at the end of July. In early August, Samsung was able to confirm that the thief stole customer data, but that customer devices were not broken into via the systems. Furthermore, no bank or passport details were reported to have been leaked. The company says it has taken additional security measures and has engaged a third-party cybersecurity company.

It is unknown who is behind the theft. In a FAQ, Samsung advises customers to be wary of receiving unsolicited emails and to check their accounts for signs of suspicious activity.

Samsung was the victim of another data theft earlier this year. Company data was stolen, including the ‘source code for the operation of Galaxy smartphones’. Ransomware gang Lapsus$ claimed that attack.

Update, 10:33 PM: The original version of the article stated that only US customers of Samsung were informed about the hack. However, it appears that there are also Samsung customers in Europe who have been informed of the data theft via an email from the company. The article has been adapted accordingly.