Samsung Confirmed Launch Date for Galaxy Fold Smartphone

Samsung promised to relaunch its foldable smartphone in September and kept the dates secret. But a Korean media company suggests that Samsung has chosen September 6 as an official date for the launch event.

The launch event clashes with Europe’s largest trade show in Berlin, Samsung could not let go of this opportunity and therefore decided to use IFA 2019 as the launch platform for Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy fold, however, was scheduled to launch in April of this year, and technical reviewers were not satisfied with the display. Few of them reported that the screen of the Galaxy fold was broken. This forced the Korean tech giant to cancel all pre-orders.

Samsung stated that most of the errors in the Galaxy fold had been resolved and were planning to set the launch date in July, but that was not the right time for the “Fixed” Galaxy folding device. The company did not disappoint its followers and launched one of the most exciting series, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

According to the Korean media report, Samsung previously planned to launch Galaxy Fold in late September but decided to bring the launch date to early September. The US and China may receive an arrival in September; however, exact dates have not yet been announced.

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