Samsung applies for a patent on smartphone design with notch

The Chinese patent office SIPO has published a patent application from Samsung, provided with a smartphone design with a notch on top. There is no fingerprint scanner on the design drawing, so it may be under the screen.

The document from SIPO with the design of the Samsung smartphone with the notch is discovered by Mobiel Kopen ]. Samsung submitted it to the patent office on March 30, 2018. Several smartphones without screen edges can be seen in the drawings, with a notch with cameras and loudspeaker at the top.

These are different designs with a camera placed at the back of a model vertically placed above each other in the middle, like the Galaxy S9. In other models, on the other hand, the cameras are located at the top left, where they are placed either vertically or horizontally. No fingerprint scanner is visible on any of the models, which may indicate that Samsung integrated it under the screen with the relevant designs.

The publication does not in any way mean that Samsung actually has plans to release a smartphone with a notch . For example, Mobiel Kopen points out that SIPO also publishes a Samsung design of a smartphone without notch, with a front that almost completely consists of a screen. It is unclear where Samsung will place the speaker and front camera here with this model.

Following Apple’s iPhone X, more manufacturers have announced smartphones with a notch at the top of the screen. Samsung does not yet have such a model in its range and emphasized in the announcement of the Galaxy S9 that it did not have such a notch .


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