Rumor: YouTube wants to compete with Twitch

YouTube plans to invest in its streaming service again, an American news site reports. The company would like to compete with Twitch, the largest platform for live streaming gaming sessions and esports events.

YouTube has offered the option to set up live streams for years, but recently Google’s video platform has paid little attention to that possibility. That is about to change, reports news site The Daily Dot based on anonymous sources. The company would like to reintroduce the feature, with an emphasis on streaming games.

Last year, YouTube tried to take over the streaming service Twitch. That service is the most popular provider of live streaming of games and e-sports events. However, the takeover fell through, allegedly because YouTube would then gain too large a share of the online video market and Google feared an antitrust case. Amazon eventually took over Twitch. That’s why YouTube would now like to compete with Twitch.