Rumor: WhatsApp account can be used on multiple devices in the future

According to WABetaInfo, it will be possible in the future to use WhatsApp on different devices with the same account. This is currently not possible, because the app is linked to the user’s phone number.

The new functionality would make it possible, for example, to use a WhatsApp account simultaneously on an iPhone and an iPad, or on an iOS device and an Android device. It would also become possible to use WhatsApp on a computer without an active link with the account on a smartphone like now.

Messages would still be stored on users’ devices and synchronized between different installations. WhatsApp will also improve its end-to-end encryption, claims WABetaInfo. Screenshots of an iPad version of WhatsApp have already appeared before. It has not yet been released and that would be related to the arrival of the new functionality. It is not yet clear when the changes will actually be implemented.

WABetaInfo has no concrete proof of the functionality and therefore puts it as a rumor itself, but the website claims to have information about the features that are being developed. The website has often released information about WhatsApp at an early stage that turned out to be correct, including the integration of WhatsApp into the Facebook infrastructure and the arrival of WhatsApp to KaiOS.