Rumor: upcoming iPhones won’t be able to charge fast wirelessly

The upcoming iPhones can only charge slowly wirelessly, according to a Japanese rumor site. Charging is done with a maximum of 7.5W, while many other smartphones with this function can now charge with 15W batteries.

The iPhones support wireless charging with 5V and 1.5A, Macotakara reports. The site is a reliable site for rumors about unannounced Apple products and in the past was the first to report the arrival of the iPhone 5 and the exchange of USB-a and MagSafe for USB-c on MacBook Pro laptops.

It is unknown why Apple has opted for a slower charging method. Current iPhones can charge via the Lightning port with up to 10W, although that is only possible with chargers other than the ones in the box. Users can also charge the Apple Watch with up to 7.5W.

Apple would like to present its new iPhones, with glass backs to enable wireless charging, on September 12. There would be three models: two successors for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and a new, more expensive model with an almost borderless OLED screen. There have been rumors about the new devices for months.

Mock-up of what the upcoming iPhones could look like. Source: iDropNews