Rumor: Ubisoft comes with Watch Dogs Legion and makes every NPC playable

In the run-up to the upcoming E3 show in Los Angeles, an early listing on the British Amazon points to the arrival of Watch Dogs Legion. This appears to be the third installment in the series. Probably players can take over any npc they meet and play as that character.

TheNergMag published Amazon’s listing, and according to the website, the now-deleted product page actually belonged to Ubisoft. The listing is about Watch Dogs Legion for the PlayStation 4. An editor from Kotaku reports that the information is correct and that multiple sources within Ubisoft have confirmed the name of this game.

It has been known for a while that the new Watch Dogs is located in London. The game has a striking innovation: you can, as it were, take over every NPC you meet and put yourself in his shoes. Each individual you meet in the world has a full set of animations, voiceovers, character traits and visuals created and controlled by gameplay systems, it says.

According to Kotaku, this is an expanded, new system where you as a player see different things at different points, depending on which npc you play. It would be a rather ambitious system that has given developers a lot of headaches and may have already led to some delay. More information and official confirmation of the arrival of Watch Dogs Legion may follow next week at E3.