Rumor: successor Galaxy Fold is called Bloom and can film in 8k

The successor to the Galaxy Fold would be called Galaxy Bloom and would be the first Samsung smartphone to make videos in 8k resolution. Just like the Motorola Razr, the phone is a folding phone instead of a phone that can be folded into a tablet.


Samsung CEO DJ Koh is said to have shown the phone on slides during a presentation for providers and retailers at CES, South Korean Ajunews reports. The site also posted some images to back up the claims. The flip phone would have about the same shape as a make-up box and partly for that reason are mainly aimed at women.

According to the site, there will be variants with 4g and 5g, while the Bloom should be the first Samsung phone to be able to film in 8k. The support for filming in 8k at 30fps is a feature of the new generation of socs for smartphones, such as the Snapdragon 865 and Samsung’s own Exynos 990. The function appeared as beta last year in the Red Magic 3 and Nubia Z20, but those phones came to a close. 15fps at 8k resolution.

Ajunews repeats the information that the flip phone has a protective layer of thin glass instead of plastic. It would be the first time that a foldable phone would have a top layer of glass. All models presented so far work with plastic screens, because glass itself is not bendable at room temperature.

Photos of the phone already came out last month and the vague slide from Ajunews seems broadly similar. For example, the position of the cameras on the back is the same. Samsung has an event planned for February 11. There it will presumably present the flip phone, in addition to the successors of the Galaxy S10 series. The South Korean manufacturer presented the Fold at the same time as the S10 phones last year.