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Rumor: Sony will make SSD expansion PlayStation 5 possible this summer

Sony is reportedly making a firmware update available this summer that will allow PlayStation 5 owners to expand the console’s storage with M.2 SSDs. Sony would also make it possible to set the fan to a higher speed.

The firmware update should be released sometime this summer, Bloomberg reports, based on conversations with people familiar with Sony’s plans. The firmware update allows PS5 users to place an M.2 SSD in their console, in addition to the self-designed 825GB PCIe 4.0 SSD that Sony has built into the PS5.

Bloomberg does not provide further details about the plans. Sony responds that it is indeed working on expansion via M.2 SSDs as previously reported , but further details and planning will follow at a later time. According to the rumor, Sony is also making it possible to set the fan to a higher speed with the update. This should avoid overheating problems.

About 667GB of the PS5’s internal 825GB SSD is available for games, and since games over 100GB are no exception, gamers are likely to welcome the update. The M.2 slot will remain software disabled until the arrival. Not every M.2 SSD will work with the PS5, Sony certifies SSDs that are fast enough.

The Xbox Series X and S can be expanded from the release with 1TB extra SSD storage. However, those SSDs must be of a specific format. Seagate sells it under the name Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X | S for more than 200 euros.

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