Rumor: Sony is working on a compact Xperia smartphone of 13.8x6cm

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Sony is reportedly working on a compact smartphone in its Xperia line with a size of 13.8x6cm. The phone would have a 5.5 “screen with an aspect ratio of 21: 9. There would be a particularly large smartphone in addition to a small one.

The compact Xperia smartphone runs on a midrange soc. It would be the Snapdragon 665 from Qualcomm, reports SumahoInfo. This means that the upcoming smartphone is in line with the Xperia X Compact from 2016. It also has a midrange soc. After that, Sony released the Xperia XZ2 Compact with high-end soc.

The screen would have a size of 12.8×5.8cm, with a surface of 70 square centimeters and a diagonal of 5.5″. This is particularly small for the current smartphone market. For comparison: the Samsung Galaxy S10e, which is considered a relatively small smartphone, has a 5.8 “screen of 84 square centimeters, of 13.3 x 6.3 centimeters.

The size of the housing is 13.8x6cm longer than Sony Xperia Compact smartphones from previous years, but less wide. Those smartphones were often around 13×6.5cm in size. The most recent XZ2 Compact is 13.5×6.5 cm.

In addition to a small smartphone, there would also be a successor to the Xperia Z Ultra. This smartphone from 2013 is 18x9cm in size. This new version would also be around 18cm long and have a screen with a diagonal of at least 7″. All Sony smartphones from next year would get a 21:9 screen, just like this year.

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