Rumor: Sony has plans for an improved ‘PlayStation 4.5’

According to developers, Sony is working on a new version of the PlayStation 4, which will have an improved GPU and more computing power. This should make the console better able to support VR games and display higher resolutions.

Kotaku claims to have heard from developers that the new version should be able to run games at 4k resolution. Also, these games for the PlayStation VR should ‘improve’. It is unclear whether the ‘PlayStation 4.5’ will be available as an upgrade or whether users will have to purchase a completely new system. In addition, the question is whether the temporary name will actually become the official name of the device. Sony has not commented on the rumours, Kotaku writes.

It is not inconceivable that Sony is considering an upgrade, in response to the demands that virtual reality games can place on systems. Earlier this month, Microsoft made a similar announcement, in which Xbox CEO Phil Spencer made room for the possibility of hardware upgrades for upcoming consoles being released to increase compatibility.

Sony recently announced that its PlayStation VR will cost 399 euros and will be released in October. The company also announced that it would only certify games for the VR device if they did not fall below 60fps during gameplay.