Rumor: Snapdragon 1000-soc for laptops is coming this year

Qualcomm would have a Snapdragon 1000-soc in development for Windows 10 devices and Asus would be the first manufacturer to put it into a laptop, convertible or tablet. The ARM processor reportedly consumes more than smartphone socs and will be faster.

The German website WinFuture says, it has information about the upcoming Qualcomm-soc and the plans of Asus. The Snapdragon 1000, whose name may not be final, would be announced in 2018. According to WinFuture it is a soc that has a higher consumption than the socs that Qualcomm makes for smartphones. This could be due to the use of more or faster cores.
ARM presented its Cortex-A76 microarchitecture on Thursday with which the manufacturer specifically targets laptops. Qualcomm could use that architecture for its Snapdragon 1000 platform. The existing SD835 is based on Cortex-A73 cores and the SD845 has modified Cortex-A75 cores.
WinFuture states that the tdp of only the processor part, without the gpu, is at 6.5 watts. With current socs that are also in Smartphones, the total tdp would not be higher than 5 watts. The consumption of the new soc is comparable to that of the Intel Y processors. The most powerful model, the i7-7Y75 has a tdp that manufacturers can configure between 3.5 and 7 watts. The Snapdragon 1000-soc is only intended for Windows 10 devices and not for smartphones. The soc should come out at the end of this year and an even more powerful model should appear at the beginning of 2019.
Qualcomm confirmed early this year that the company is going to make faster Snapdragon-socs for laptops. Fram Akiki, senior director of product management at Qualcomm, said that the third batch of Windows 10 hardware with ARM will contain custom Qualcomm-socs specifically designed for Windows devices.
Lichting is already released, those are the devices with the Snapdragon 835-socs and the second generation are the successors to that, which get the Snapdragon 845-soc, or possibly the SD850. The plans that WinFuture writes about fit with the statements that Qualcomm made at the beginning of this year in the interview. Akiki then told that socs that are adapted for laptops, for example, get more cores and that they can be expected from 2019.
The device of Asus with the Snapdragon 1000 would be named Primus and be announced at the end of 2018. The product may only appear a few months later and a release in 2019 is also possible. It is a Windows 10 device, but it is not yet clear whether it is a laptop, a convertible or a tablet.
WinFuture also published information about the arrival of the Snapdragon 850 earlier this week which would also be meant for laptops. Probably that is a variant of the existing SD845 with higher clock speeds. The Kryo 380 processor cores would reach 3GHz instead of 2.8GHz. The Snapdragon 850 does not seem to be exclusively for laptops, according to another rumor Dell is working on a small device with two screens with that soc.